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The system to create cut plans
for wood based sheet material (also others)
-Program OPTIZ ver. 2.9-
for IBM PC
-- english, estonian, lithuanian, russian versions available --

- Makes on a new level everything You need in cut plan area!
- Exact solutions for saw equipment of such firms as "Anthon", "Swabedissen", "Infor", "Holzma", "Giben" and many others.
- Able to cooperate with net environment.
- If needed we do special works to meet Your requirements.
- Full guarantee.

  Main parameters:

- raises yield and cuts down production cost to 2%, compared with other known systems ("Cut Planner", "Magi-Cut" etc.)
- number of parts in one specification (task): up to 250 pcs.*
- number of different raw sheets in one task: up to 25 pcs.*
- number of different technologies in one task: up to 25 pcs.*
- number of tasks, solved in one computing: no restrictions
- maximum number of different parts in one pattern: to 8 pcs.
- precision of parameters: 0.01 units
(* depends on RAM amount (here on dispose. 512 kb))

1) system chooses automatically part's optimal allowances, ensuring optimal time for output, yield etc.;
2) amount of aftercuts (additional work with parts) is under control;
3) it is possible to plan the usage of different technologies, for example if two or more different equipment's cut parallel the same material;
4) optimal operative planning by periods of time.
Other characteristics:

- with different strips in pattern it is possible to set minimum difference between crosscut saws ("Weser" type equipment);
- if maximum width of waste is given, width of base trims and dimensions of parts can be changed automatically (if needed);
- it is possible to give different size for changing base trims (exam. 0-2 mm and 25-50 mm at the same time etc.);
- possible to choose criterion for problem solution (costs= material + work, yield, combination of criteria's, in control are time for changing cut patterns and other additional times);
- use of several criteria for computing cut plans;
- system automatically decides about the use of composite parts (in one part two or more single parts);
- account of headcut and ripcut operations (i.e. preliminary cuts across width and length of formats) is possible;
- account of sheets in the stock;
- precise account of working time for each cut type (head-, rip-, cross-, aftercuts etc.);
- determination of suitability of parts from the point of view of yield;
- United Part System (for parts composed from waste pieces);
- compatible with net environment (database CLIPPER based, other C++ and TURBO PASCAL), now works with Material Normative Planning System and Stock Account System.

The system is introduced in several companies, incl. for cutting glass.

The system is awarded a price on competition organized by Estonian Software Association, firms "Norsk-Data" and others.

e-mail: Andres.Aarelaid@mail.ee, phone +372 6337247